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Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you are accepting all of the details in my TOS.


First of all, I’ll need a way of contacting you, contact is fine on any main website I use (Twitter DMS, Deviantart Notes, Telegram). Email works just as well, my email address is



Your commission can take from 1 week to 2 months to be completed.

You may ask me about the progress and I will inform you if it takes longer than expected.
Deadlines are absolutely fine, please let me know if you require the commission by a certain date.


What I will draw
Anthro Characters, Humans, Animals, Original Characters, Dragons, Mythical Animals, Simple scenes, Fan Art and Fan Characters

What I will not draw
Machines, Complicated scenes, Any gore, NSFW

I’m open to enquiries, so feel free to ask me and I’m sure we can work something out.



  • Any deadlines need to be given to me well before I start the commission so I can work my way around it.

  • Payments are in $AUD or $USD through Paypal. Payments must be sent via invoice, I’ll let you know when I’ve sent the invoice to your account.

  • I require payment before I start the commission. For commissions over $100, payment plans are available.

  • Refunds may be requested, depending on how much of the commission I have already done will be how much I refund (example, I’ve done 50%, you get the half completed commission and 50% of what you’ve paid). I cannot always give refunds, so refunds will only be in extreme circumstances.



  • I require a full colour reference of the subject I am drawing or a detailed description. If you want a character designed for the commission from a description, this can be done for an extra fee of around $15-25USD depending on the type of commission.

  • I will send you 1 sketch of the commission (if it is to be linearted/coloured) before I start the lineart and colouring progress.

  • If you require a certain size (for printing, etc) please notify me before I begin so I can work in that size, commissions tend to be drawn roughly A4 size, 300dpi, depending on the type.  

  • I draw commissions in the RGB colour format, if you wish for your commission to be optimized for CMYK colour format (for printing), please tell me so I can work in that format for you.

  • If I have made a mistake with the commission, notify me during the commission or after it is completed, and I will do my best to correct that mistake.

  • If you want additional WIPs, please ask me beforehand and I can provide more stages of the artwork (such as lineart, flats, shading). Otherwise, I will not send stages besides the final sketch. I will allow 1-2 changes of sketch, lineart, etc that are not my own mistake before asking for fees to compensate lost time.

  • If you want a specific pose, scene, setting, emotion, etc, please inform me so I can include that in the commission.


  • Artwork must always be credited back to me, using ‘Meroaw’ as a credit.

  • The artwork cannot be edited without permission.

  • Personal commission artworks CANNOT be used for any commercial uses, eg on buttons, if you are after a commercial commission such as for t-shirts, etc, please contact me and we can arrange something.

  • You may post the art anywhere you wish with credit, and print it for personal use ONLY. For example, you may print a single t-shirt with the artwork on it for your own use. You may only use the artwork for your own personal use, such as printing on your own personal badge or for your wall or using as an icon.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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