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Commission Prices

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Commissions are currently closed, please click the queue button above to see when I'll next be opening.

All prices are in USD. These are prices for non-commercial projects.
Extra characters are 60% of cost price unless otherwise specified.

Please read the Terms of Service page for more information on my terms.
Commissions are now via email correspondence only. Older clients may use twitter dms, but new clients I am moving to email correspondence. Please be understanding of this change.

I am always open to inquiries, even when my commissions are closed, so feel free to use the contact form or email me for quotes, project inquiries and the likes!

ICON | $40

Shaded, symmetrical icon of your character. Includes a simple background.

No WIPs.


Headshot of your character with an artistic freedom spin on their palette. Colours will not be accurate, but thats part of the fun!

No WIPs.
Can include pride flags on request.


Experimental lineless fullbody with angular shapes and textures.

No WIPs.
Please note markings/etc may not be 100% accurate due to the style.
Does not suit complicated characters.


A detailed drawing of your character's eyes, can include motifs and fun colours.

Can be made twitch or twitter banner sized.

1 WIP included.